Congratulations to the many people that donate and volunteer at Hendersonville Home Bound Meals Program. Thursday, August 15, the local AARP chapter celebrated its 30th anniversary. At the end of the event, Home Bound Meals was presented this certificate for the impact Hendersonville Home Bound Meals Program has on the community.

The Hendersonville Home Bound Meals Program (HBMP) is an all-volunteer organization founded in 1982 to serve the elderly population of Hendersonville. In 1982, the average number of meals served daily was 17.

Today we have exceeded our numbers from 1982 several times over. We have a list of people waiting to join the program. The segment in the population in need of this service is growing. Our ability to serve the increasing demand is only limited by our funding.

The Home Bound Meals Program has the exclusive rights to serve the eligible population in the city of Hendersonville and the surrounding areas. The program is a non-discriminatory organization.